Adoption and child law specialists

Adoption and guardianship are major areas of concentration at Tahera Hasan & Co. We have handled numerous domestic and international adoptions. There is a lack of accurate information about adoption in Pakistan. Since it’s our focus, we provide accurate information and round the clock representation to see adoptive couples through the paper work.

We know how the adoption process can be lengthy, frustrating and filled with uncertainty. In fact because of this knowledge, we are readily able to help clients navigate their way through the adoption process preparing them for the legal steps that need to be taken. Knowing the joy that adoption brings to both the child and the adopting parents, we are blessed to assist our clients during this exciting time in their lives. Call 44 07903196639

We pride ourselves on becoming very involved in our clients’ cases and treating them like family. We will always take the time to listen to people’s concerns, alleviate their fears and explain the legal process to them.

In order to get accurate information about adopting children from South Asia please call us. Most people wanting to adopt a child are curious to learn how adoption works in Pakistan in particular and South Asia in general. At Tahera Hasan & Co our services include, but are not limited to, representation in adoption legal proceedings, court appearances, document preparation, adoption counseling, assistance in networking and preparing agreements. We ensure that your adoption is completed accurately. We have successfully handled adoption/guardianship cases within Pakistan and to other countries such as the USA, UK, Kenya, Malaysia, Canada, UAE and Switzerland.

On a day-to-day basis we witness the joys of taking people through the adoption process and building families. Tahera Hasan & Co deals with the sensitive process with care and support for everyone.

We look forward to talking with you about adoption. Whether by telephone or in person, we offer a free initial consultation for adoption-related matters.

Tahera specialises in family law and deals with International adoption cases, custody cases, divorce and khula (the Islamic right of a woman to seek release from her marriage bond, similar to the Judaic practice of get) matters and family settlements. Adoption cases are her special focus and Tahera has been very active in adoption counseling and advocacy. As a family and child law practitioner Tahera is also an activist for women’s rights and creates awareness about such matters in Pakistan’s complex ethnic and religious environment.

Apart from her work in adoption, Tahera works on advisory matters (including regulatory and licensing) in media and entertainment-related matters.  Moreover, she also acts in corporate matters regarding the structuring of IP rights and litigation relating to copyrights, trademarks, designs, advertising, merchandising and unfair competition. She specialises in advising on a broad range of commercial agreements and transactions in the media and technology fields. In the media sector, Tahera has provided corporate, commercial and regulatory advice to operators and distributors in the publishing, cable TV, music, sports, marketing and broadcasting sectors. She has advised on several acquisitions and joint ventures in the music and publishing industries. She also advises major TV and radio stations operating in Pakistan’s booming private media sector.

Tahera – who has three adopted children – read for a Bachelor of law degree from the University of Karachi. She is the founder of the Karachi Adoption Group and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Kara Film Society.

Tahera (0n the left in the picture below) is a member of the Karachi Bar Association, the Sindh Bar Council, the Sindh High Court Bar Association and is enrolled to practice in all the subordinate and High Courts of Pakistan.

Recently the Children’s Minister Tim Loughton said that the UK’s “Spanish Inquisition” style adoption process is too slow and bureaucratic. Adopting from overseas involves visas and Tahera would add to the minister’s observations that the UK Border Agency takes a minimum of 4 months to grant visas to children who have been adopted by UK citizens, whereas the USA grants the same visas in three days to a week’s time.

Call 44 07903196639 (a UK number) to liaise with TH & Co through, Anglo Thai Legal, our Solicitors Regulation Authority accredited counter-part in your case.

Or Tahera can be contacted at

Tel: 00-9221-3587-3514

Fax: 00-9221-3587-3515

About Asad Ali Khan, BA, MSc, MA, LL.B (Hons), LL.M

Senior Partner, Khan & Co, Barristers-at-Law
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  1. Mohammed ayub says:

    I have my brothers son staying with me in uk since April 2012 and looked after by my family since he whises to stay with us

  2. Aima says:

    I want to know how can I adopt a child from pakistan

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