Agency finally corrects Tier 2 (General) information

In December 2010 the UKBA had misinformed the public about its Tier 2 (General) CoS limit. It published the limit on CoS as 10,382 whereas the limit was 10,832. I had posted about it at the time. Yet it has taken the UKBA three weeks to correct its information on its site.

As always, inveterately, the UKBA has covered its tracks by changing the 22 December 2010 posting on its site as of that date rather than reposting the information in a way which was consistent with correcting its error as at the later date. It’s not like the UKBA to admit any mistakes. But then again – since the agency’s mistakes are so overwhelming in their quantum – if it did the agency would no longer serve any other purpose apart from correcting its uncountable mistakes.

One can only wonder when the Admin Court judgment in relation to Tiers 1 and 2 will begin to be taken into consideration by the agency for the visas it has refused in violation of the law since 19 July 2010.

Having visited the JCWI yesterday I was informed by them that they are still awaiting the Admin Court judgment which declared the “interim limit” to be unlawful. They, the JCWI, are also offering immigration advice surgeries once a week (for 2 hours): something which is worth checking out for people who need it.

Hopefully the wait for applicants who had their visas refused unlawfully will not be dragged out. Mr Habib Rehman’s blog discloses that the judgment will be available in late January 2011. Thereafter victims of the SSHD’s illegalities will be in a position to take her to court in a massive way.

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Hatnews – a Leicester based immigration law and news organisation – has a really great article in relation to the unlawful cap which can be read here.

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