More evidence of degrading treatment emerges

The Jimmy Mubenga case brought to light the degrading and inhuman treatment which returnees receive at the hands of private security companies such as G4S which are involved in enforcement actions taken by the UKBA.

Thereafter, the scandal has been extensively covered in the media, most notably in the Guardian newspaper, and it appears that yet more evidence of inhuman and degrading treatment of people being removed from the UK is coming into the public domain. This was recorded by a passenger on a Kenyan Airways flight last October.

Just the other day on 22 October 2010 the UKBA clarified its position with respect to maintaining human rights standards while dealing with removals  with its representative David Wood stating that “We take any allegation of mistreatment by our contractors extremely seriously. We will look at this footage carefully when we receive it.”

The Agency has contracted its removal and detention activities to G4S which is a private security company. It can be said from the legal practitioners purview that not all persons employed by the firm are fit to perform they type of duties which are required of them.

Moreover, new footage shot by a man called Stephen on his iPhone has emerged which shows that a Kenyan being removed was mistreated by personnel belonging to G4S while being removed from the UK on a Kenyan Airways jet.

Stephen has released the footage following the tragic death of Jimmy Mubenga earlier this month. About his experience from the Keynan Airways Stephen remarked that:

“There were seven or eight guys in suits at the back of the plane all standing up around the last couple of rows. They were crowded around me and the back of my seat and it seemed a bit odd,” he said.

“I sat down and one of them leant over and said: ‘There is a guy in the toilet at the moment and he is going to come out in a minute and he might cause a bit of a fuss but don’t panic, it is fine, it will be under control.’

“As he did that this guy came out of the toilet and they basically just grabbed him and he started yelling and they basically dragged him to his seat, so the video picks up as they get him into the seat.”

The suspected deportee was seated in the middle section of seating at the back of the plane, Stephen said. “They were really rough with him and it sounded like he was in a huge amount of pain. People started to kick up a fuss about it and ask who he was. People thought he might be a terrorist and were asking, ‘Why are you deporting this guy?’

“We moved to the front of the plane because it was really quite distressing and then moved back again. They said they were deporting him and were trying to restrain him. They were saying, ‘He is trying to get off the flight by kicking up as much fuss as possible and once we get off he will be all right’, but people were getting more and more nervous. One guy stood up and he was demanding to know who this guy was and why there were eight of them. It just seemed a bit of an overkill to be honest.”

About Asad Ali Khan, BA, MSc, MA, LL.B (Hons), LL.M

Senior Partner, Khan & Co, Barristers-at-Law
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