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Child Asylum Seeker’s Detention Held Unlawful

AAM (A Child) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2012] EWHC 2567 (QB) (27 September 2012) This case has a lot of faces because the legal issues it raises are quite complex. There is a lot in the … Continue reading

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Using children to stop deportation: Part 2

Sanade and others (British children – Zambrano – Dereci) [2011] UKUT 48 (IAC) (07 February 2012) Sanade (S), Harrison (H), Walker (W) Legal Discussion Tellingly, in considering the appellants’ Article 8 claims, the UT (at [51]) – remembering Lord Wilson’s … Continue reading

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Barriers to entry: spouses’ English tests upheld

Language is the commonest human currency and it has an historical connection to culture and politics. Ostensibly, English remains the lingua franca of the world. Yet its imposition upon people – often far away in a Gujarati, Punjabi or Yemeni … Continue reading

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Children “at the heart” of family reunions

The government has announced its plans for a more “humane approach” to family reunions where the best interests of children will remain paramount. The immigration minister’s statement in relation to ending the detention of children from last December can be … Continue reading

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Case Comment: ZH (Tanzania) v SSHD [2011] UKSC 4

While one Brenda (in Yarl’s Wood) awaits deportation from the UK to a certain death in Uganda, another Brenda in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom (Baroness Hale of Richmond of course) has made some particularly telling observations regarding the … Continue reading

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The UKBA and the detention of children

Detention is one of the most analysed topics in legal discourse. Detaining minors is an extraordinary step and in this country there is a very proud tradition which sets aside juvenile offenders’ trial processes in comparison to the manner and … Continue reading

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